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About the program

Eversheds Sutherland's free legal advice for Internet and high-tech projects

We have learned from our experience during implementation of many different types of commercial projects involving the Internet and high tech how important legal support is for these undertakings. Typically the problem is not so much access to information on the legal aspects of an activity, as finding the proper legal model for the project. Too often, solutions used by others are duplicated without checking to determine whether they are right for the specific situation.

The Internet Start Up program is our answer to this need. Realizing that the cost of specialised legal assistance may be a serious barrier, particularly for entrepreneurs taking their first steps in business, we propose participation in the Internet Start Up program, which is based on a pro bono approach - providing legal services free of charge in the public interest.

Under the program we support not only specific projects related to the Internet and new technologies, but also the community of entrepreneurs who are active in this field. We take part in the events during which we present legal issues that are crucial for developing optimal solutions in this area. We believe that as lawyers we can help increase the level of innovation in Poland’s economy by spreading know-how on practical issues related to innovation and by supporting new projects.